C.B.E., R.A., R.D.I., F.S.I.A., Hon A.R.C.A.

1900 October 16, born in Haiphong, Province of Tonkin, Cochine-Française (French Indo-China). His father, though of Italian parentage, was born in Algeria and therefore a French national.

1905 Arrives in England with his two sisters Elizabeth (Betty) and Lauretta


1905-13 The three elder children brought up largely by their maternal grandmother in Suffolk whilst their parents were on foreign service.


1913-18 Attends Clayesmore School.


1919-1926 Works as a clerk, where he 'doodled a lot on his blotter'. Our house in the snow - Christmas card c.1955Attends evening classes at the Westminster School of Art under Walter Bayes and Bernard Meninsky. This was his only formal training as an artist. 

1920 Family house established at 130 Elgin Avenue, Maida Vale, London W9.


Self-Portrait 1929


1927 To the horror of his father gives up work at the office to become a full time artist. Visits Austria and Italy with sister Betty.

 1928 Meets Catherine Anderson, whom he marries early in 1929. 

1929 Publication of In a Glass Darkly by Sheridan Le Fanu, the artist's first illustrated book    November 18: birth of first child, Christianna - who was to bully him into writing Lucy Brown for her.

1930 First one-man exhibition at the Bloomsbury Gallery. A meeting with his childhood friend Maurice Gorham results in Edward Ardizzone's first drawing for Radio Times. Around this time his brother David rents a house at Kingsdown, near Deal, later to be the home of Tim's parents in the Little Tim books.


1931 Exhibition of oil paintings and watercolours at the Leger Gallery

December 1: birth of second child, Philip, upon whose insistence Little Tim was to be drawn.

1932 Exhibition of oil paintings and watercolours at the Leger Gallery.


1934 Exhibition of watercolours and drawings at the Leger Gallery.


1936 Publication of Little Tim and The Brave Sea Captain, the first of the'Tim' books.
Exhibition of paintings and drawings at the Leger Gallery.

1937 Publication of Lucy Brown and Mr. Grimes.

Tim and Lucy go to Sea1938 Publication of Tim and Lucy go to Sea.


1939 Exhibition of watercolours and drawings at The Nicholson Gallery. September 1: called up to 54th AA Regt (TA), Royal Artillery. September 8: birth of second son, Nicholas.
December 23: commissioned 2nd Lieutenant.


1940 February: appointed Official War Artist and at the end of March embarks for France to work with the British Expeditionary Force.


With the 300th on the Move 1940

1940-42 Remains working mostly in London in the blitz – arrested (by the Home Guard) as a spy for sketching in the East End of London. Publication of Baggage to The Enemy – E.A’s war experiences with the British Expeditionary Force in France, 1940.



Home Guard 1940









Letter from Egypt, 1943


1942-43 North Africa

1943-45 Sicily and Italy, also Normandy landings and later, Germany

1945 1 September: Relinquished commission, discharged from the Army.

1948  Publication of  Nicholas and the Fast Moving Diesel:
Publication of Paul the Hero of the Fire:
Joins teaching staff of the Camberwell School of Art and Crafts:
Exhibition of recent watercolours at the Leicester Galleries:
Elected Fellow of the Society of Industrial Artists.

1949 Publication of Tim to the Rescue.image026.gif


1951 Publication of Tim and Charlotte
 Visits Dieppe with his brother David and Barnett Freedman.
 Exhibition of recent watercolours, Leicester Galleries

1952 Publication of The Blackbird in the Lilac, first book in collaboration
 with James Reeves
Paints large altarpiece for the church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Faversham.
Commissioned by UNESCO to attend seminar for production of audio-visual aids in India and to train students in the art of silk screen printing and other stencil processes

1953 Returns to London to carry out commissioned watercolour of the Queen's Coronation
Appointed tutor in etching at the Royal College of Art: Publication of Tim in Danger.

1954 On recommendation of Sir John Rothenstein, commissioned by
the Press Gallery to execute a portrait of Sir Winston Churchill for presentation to him on his retirement.

Tim All Alone - title page

1955 Exhibition of recent watercolours and drawings, Leicester Galleries
Publication of The Little Bookroom by Eleanor Farjeon illustrated by EA, which was awarded the Carnegie Medal of the British Library Association and the Hans Christian Andersen medal of the International Board on Books for Young People. It was the start of a long and fruitful collaboration between the author and her illustrator.

1956 Publication of Tim All Alone, the first book to win the Kate Greenaway Award for the year's most distinguished work in book illustration.

Tim All Alone

1957 Publication of his article, 'On the Illustrating of Books', Private Libraries Association, Vol.1 No.3, July 1957.

1958 Exhibition of recent watercolours and drawings, at the Leicester Galleries. Publication of his article, 'The Born Illustrator' in Motif No 1, November 1958.

1959 Sir Colin Anderson commissions murals in first class children's
 nursery on the ocean liner P&O Canberra.

Peter the Wanderer1960 Publication of Johnny The Clockmaker.

1962  Exhibition of recent watercolours and drawings at the Mayor Gallery.
Publication of Tim’s Friend Towser.

1963  Publication of Peter the Wanderer.

1964 Publication of Diana and Her Rhinoceros.

1965 Exhibition of recent watercolours and drawings, the Mayor Gallery
Publication of Sarah and Simon and No Red Paint
Publication of Tim and Ginger

1966 Buys cottage in Kent, at Rodmersham Green, the village where his parents had lived and his elder son, Philip, and his family were now settled. With Aingelda Ardizzone, his daughter-in-law, publication of The Little Girl and the Tiny Doll.



Rodmersham: My Garden in Spring

1967 Designs Birthday Greetings Telegram for Post Office

1968 Publication of Tim to the Lighthouse:
Visits Australia, exhibition at the MacQuarrie Galleries, Sydney.

1969 Publication of Johnny’s Bad Day.

1970 Elected to the Royal Academy of Arts:
Exhibition of recent watercolours and drawings at the Mayor Gallery to coincide with the publication of The Young Ardizzone - an Autobiographical Fragment:
Publication of The Wrong Side of the Bed:
Publication of Brian Alderson's Edward Ardizzone, A Preliminary Hand List of his Illustrated Books 1929-70.

1971 Awarded the CBE

1972 Publication of Tim's Last Voyage, which, surprisingly, was not quite the final 'Tim' book:
Leaves 130 Elgin Avenue for good.

The Night Ride 1973 Publication, with Aingelda Ardizzone, of The Night Ride.

Visits Australia to attend art seminar at University of New South Wales, Sydney.



1974 Publication of Diary of a War Artist. Elected a Royal Designer in Industry.

1975 Exhibition of drawings and doodles, New Grafton Gallery  

 1977 Publication of Ship's Cook Ginger.

A Child's Christmas in Wales

1979 Publication of Edward Ardizzone by Gabriel White
Last major work, the illustration of A Child's Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas
Last illustrated book Ardizzone’s English Fairy Tales

  Thursday 8 November: Edward Ardizzone dies of a heart attack at his home in Rodmersham Green.

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