The autobiographical works are not all in print, but can be found in libraries or on line and are particularly recommended. All the Ardizzone printed works are copiously illustrated by him. The recorded interview is of particular military and historical interest.

BAGGAGE TO THE ENEMY, John Murray, London, 1941
Experiences with the ill-fated British Expeditionary Force in France, 1940. This book was excepted from official censorship on accounts of the BEF because of its personal nature as a record.

DIARY OF A WAR ARTIST, Bodley Head, London, 1974
The published version of Ardizzone's  illustrated wartime diaries from the invasion of Sicily in 1943 until the collapse of Germany in 1945.

INDIAN DIARY, Bodley Head, London 1984
The published version of Ardizzone's illustrated diaries of a year spent in India (1952-3) for UNESCO, teaching silk-screen printing to art teachers.

THE YOUNG ARDIZZONE, Studio Vista, London, 1970 and Slightly Foxed, London 2010
Ardizzone's early life up until the time when he became a full-time artist in 1926.

Artists in an Age of Conflict - Edward Ardizzone, Recorded interview with
Conway Lloyd Morgan, IWM, London, 1978, Acquisition No. 004525/05. Shortly before his death, Ardizzone reminisces about his war.

EDWARD ARDIZZONE  Sketches for Friends – Chosen and introduced by
JUDY TAYLOR John Murray, London, 2000 and David R. Godine, Boston 2002

(1) The Private Libraries Association, Pinner; (2) The British Library, London and (3) Oak Knoll Press, New Castle, Delaware: 2003: ISBN (1) 1 900002 47 6, (2) 0 7123 4759 3 and (3) 1 58456 103 3

ALDERSON, BRIAN: Edward Ardizzone, a Preliminary Hand-List of his
 Illustrated Books, The Private Libraries Association, Pinner, 1974

ARDIZZONE, NICHOLAS: Edward Ardizzone RA (1900-79),
Commissioned Works of the Second World War. Doctoral Thesis embraces a catalogue raisonné  of Ardizzone's work as an Official War Artist. The thesis can be viewed by appointment at the library of the Royal College of Art or at the Department of Art at the Imperial War Museum

and Lithographs,  Unicorn Press and Wolseley Fine Arts, London 2000. A catalogue raisonné of Ardizzone's output as printmaker;
WHITE, GABRIEL: EDWARD ARDIZZONE  Bodley Head, London, 1979; & Schoken Books, New York, 1979. GW was Ardizzone's brother-in-law and this is the definitive biography

YORKE, MALCOLM: TO WAR WITH PENCIL AND BRUSH, Fleece Press, 2007; Ardizzone’s work as a war artist 1939-45

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